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Isle singer advances in 'American Idol'

  [ Jordan Segundo/FOX ]
Jordan Segundo

Jordan Segundo, 17, made it into the semifinals of the hit FOX talent-slash-reality TV series “American Idol” after gruelling tryouts broadcast tonight on the network. The Farrington High School student has been singing and performing since he was three, and was sent to audition for the series after winning local tryouts in November.

Segundo is a familiar face in local talent competitions, having performed in Oceanic‘s “Road to Fame” show, on the Hawaii-based PAX network talent show “Destination Stardom,” and at the 2001 Miss USA Hawaii pageant.

Most recently, he topped the voice category for Hawaii in the 2003 ARTS program of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA).

[ Jordan Segundo on 'Road to Fame' ]  

In his profile on the “American Idol” website, Segundo names Brian McKnight and Janet Jackson as his favorite pop artists, says his performances are reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, and names his mom as his personal American idol.

He is of Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese and German ancestry, and when he’s not in school or singing, he works at the Jamba Juice in Waikiki.

Segundo has long had his sights on the mainland music industry. On a personal web page created with his classmates at Dole Intermediate School five years ago, the then 12-year-old Segundo writes extensively about the Hawaiian music scene and his dreams of making it big.

“I look at it has a hard but very fun thing to do but to have a singing career here in Hawaii is not a job you can live off of like the some of the mainland entertainers can,” the young Segundo opined. “If I had a choice I would go and be an entertainer in the mainland because it pays well.”

The young Segundo even designed the cover art for his first CD, “Early Years.”

He has two younger brothers, Wayne and Joey, and an older sister, Porsche.

“American Idol” airs Tuesday nights on FOX. Segundo’s next moment to shine will come soon, but not on the Feb. 4 broadcast, according to the show’s website.

Fellow aspiring artists Kanoi Gibson and Crystal Akana also placed in the local tryouts — sponsored by radio station I-94 — went to audition for “American Idol” as well, but did not make the preliminary cut.

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22 thoughts on “Isle singer advances in 'American Idol'

  • Hi Ryan, I was just wondering where did you get your info on Jordan Segundo?


  • i havent really heard jordan sing, but he’s representing the asians!! (im chinese-american). american idol 2 is a great show and i cant wait for 2night’s episode! (p.s. Vote for Bettis!)

  • I started watching American Idol last last week and I was so pleased to see that a asian guy made it to the top 32. Jordan Segundo rocks and he’s going to rule American Idol. He is by far, the hottest guy on American Idol…hehe. I think I’m going to make a fan site for him 🙂 GO JORDAn!

  • krystal

    yup stephie i so agree w/ u! jordan segundo is by far, the hottest guy on American Idol!

  • jordan is awesome! im glad hes reppin for us asians =) i cant wait to see what song he sings..good luck!!!!

  • allel

    Jordan Segundo is cool. He is my inspiration because he made this far and is the only left Filippino/Asian left. I sang once but stopped but he brought back the soul and spirit and passion i once had for singing. Hopefully someday my path will cross his and i would meet the person who gave me the inspiration to sing. I will use what i learned and once my singing skills have increased and improved i will send my demos to record companys. I am also gonna try to send demos in the Philippines. Right now me and some friends are thinking about starting a group. Its an asian group but not fully compeleted because we need 5 people and so far its only 3. Hopefully maybe one day Jordan will sing with us one day.

  • Too bad Jordan didn’t make it to da finals. I seriously think dat he is really tallented. and on top of dat. He is a very sweet guy, not to mention pretty hot in person. Thankx Jordan for being really sweet when i met you at Ala Moana and reach for your dreams! your really tallented!

  • Hey Jordan. I am soooo mad that you didnt make the finals. I am a big fan. I voted for u like 10 times. I am a singer as well and I see that you have already made it pretty far in the business. I think you have a great voice and would love to talk to you sometime. We can talk about music and things like that. No I am not a stalker, just a big fan and fellow devoted musician. If you would like to talk, email me at -or- instant message me at baknblak03 on AIM. Thanks and good luck in whatever you pursue.

  • Jennifer

    Hey Jordan! Do you really read all this? If so, you are the most talented and hottest local artists of all time! You have a great voice and you made me smile and jump up for joy! I’m a big fan of yours and really looking forward to hear your CD soon! It’s so awesome that you went to the top 32th and representing the 808 state! I knew you can do it all! I was so upset that you didn’t move on and wasn’t pick as one of the wildcard. I voted for you all night! They don’t know what’s talent if they see it! They’re be sorry when the show is over! You don’t need this lame show, you’re already a big star! If you want, you can e-mail me sometime. Take care and god bless always. Good luck in the future and keep up the awesome work! Follow your dreams and never give anything up! You’re my #1 idol all the way and I always look up to you!

  • Hello everyone I am a web deisgner and I was asked to make a website of Jordan but the thing is I dont know much about him or have much pictures about him so if anyone would like to help me please feel free to email by simply clicking on my name or AIM at IK IR A Z Y

  • Jordan seems a bit stuck on himself though. We met the “idol of Hawaii” at Don Ho’s a few weeks back and must say he was truly a bit full of himself and seems to carry a bit of an ego about his status..reality bites, if he was on the mainland maybe a handful of you would still remember who he really was! I’ll give him credit for his talent and yah…..he’s fuckin hot…lol..and I’m a boi…and we know u like bois Jordan ;o) Island is small but talk is big….

  • The mainland really loves Jordan. People here want to know what is he going to do after high school. Is he gonna go to the mainland or stay in Hawaii? He has alot of fame and job offerings. I believe Disney is trying to recruit him. To those who are good friends of Jordan or know Jordan give him a message from the mainland here in Long Beach, California…

    “we love you Jordan!!! you soo fine.. you so fine you blow my mind hey jordan! hey hey hey Jordan!”

    Lol some of the guys and girls are dying for him over here. Also for those of you attendin college or know about the colleges in Hawaii please respond I am thinking about going to college there.

  • i am a web designer for the Jordan Segundo Fanclub on the bolt. IF anyone wanna submit pictures or anything email me

  • And I’m the founder of the Jordan Segundo club on bolt. Allen is making Jordan’s website. Only members of the ~*JORDAN SEGUNDO*~ club on bolt will get the web address first! To join the club send me an email. It’s completely free and it’s the largest Jordan Segundo club on bolt! So just email me at the email given or Thanks:)

  • woah what a coincidence. angela is on here. hehe yup the jordan segundo fansite is underconstruction. is anyone wanna send pix, quotes, songs, poems or whatever just email me. also join bolt and get up to date with jordan

  • ATTENTION! I just finished making the Jordan Segundo website! Please check it out!
    Go to:
    I hope everyone likes the site! And while you’re there please vote for the site too! Feel free to email me if you have questions! Thanks:)


  • u should visit the american idol site..… i dont think auditions are out yet


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