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Preview Screenings of ‘Shaka’ Documentary Begin This Week

A free series of hosted sneak-peek showings will continue through the end of the year before the film enters the festival circuit.

After four years of planning and filming across the Hawaiian Islands, a rough cut of the forthcoming documentary “Shaka, A Story of Aloha” has been completed. Now, a six-month sneak-peek series kicks off this week at the Outrigger Canoe Club on Tuesday, June 20, and the Pacific Club on Saturday, June 24.

“Shaka, The Story of Aloha” is intrinsically a Hawaii story about the exploration of the origins, meanings, and uses of the iconic hand gesture, while seeking out the secrets to what makes our island paradise a reality. The film frames the beliefs and attitudes that anyone can use to make their own form of paradise in their corner of the world.

“Today, the shaka stands as a mecca of positivity, one of hope and inspiration, urging people to share the aloha spirit,” said producer/writer Steve Sue. “It’s a lesson from which the world may learn for generations to come, and this film aims to start a movement of aloha around the world.”

As part of a meticulous phased release plan, free special “sneak-peek” screenings are now being offered to companies, community organizations, and schools anywhere in the world, where they may invite employees, members, friends, and family to preview the documentary before it enters the film festival circuit.

“Sneak-peeks are not premieres, but rather test screenings of content in development, where we can include many people in the filmmaking process,” Sue explained.

These special screenings include a viewing of the one-hour film, a moderated discussion with the filmmakers, a shaka photo wall, and a two-minute exit survey to solicit feedback that helps to ensure story accuracy and entertainment value.

“After 4 long years, I’m excited to unveil this piece,” Sue added. ”I’m hopeful that viewers will come away with a deeper understanding of the meanings behind the Shaka and, in turn, use it in powerful ways to share and activate aloha around the world.”

Any company investing in Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or cultural awareness programs should consider hosting a sneak peek, along with schools and nonprofit groups.

A minimum attendee count of 50 is required, as is a large-format projection and sound system—as can be found at movie theaters, schools, and large corporate campuses. Information on how to become a presenting group as well as a calendar of bookings is available on the website at

Separately, sponsors and donors are still sought to support the project with end credits and cameos available through the end of 2023. The film remains in fundraising mode with submission to film festivals and promotional outreach planned for 2024.

The film is produced by ID8, a Hawaii based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The mission of the film is to preserve Hawaiian history and make the world a better place by sharing the “Spirit of Aloha” for which Hawaii is famous. In addition, Project Shaka, a developing movement based on the film includes maker curriculum, includes plans for a Hawaii Shaka license plate and Shaka monuments around the world.

About ID8

Founded in 2012, ID8 grew from a lemonade stand contest into a Hawaii-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit (previously named BizGym and Bizgenics) dedicated to fostering ideation and expression to create positive impacts through sharing the aloha spirit. For more information, visit

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