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Girl's body found, family friend among suspects

[ Kahealani Indreginal ]Honolulu police today announced that they have arrested two men in connection with the abduction and murder of an 11-year-old `Aiea girl, whose body was found by a hiker yesterday on `Aiea Loop Trail. Kahealani Indreginal was last seen Tuesday afternoon, and her disappearance sparked a massive search and intense community concern. Worry and fear turned to grief and anger as details were revealed by investigators.

One of the two men in custody was a 20-year-old known to the Indreginal family. The other was a 31-year-old homeless man who was arrested at Blaisdell Park near Pearlidge. Lt. William Kato said the motive was likely robbery.

“They saw an easy mark and they took it,” he said.

The official FBI missing person report said Indreginal was wearing four gold Hawaiian bracelets on each arm and a Tahitian pearl-diamond necklace. The Hawaiian bracelets, which police say have not yet been recovered, may have been worth a few hundred dollars each.

While not confirmed by police, local CBS affiliate KGMB has identified the two men as Christopher Aki and Robert Edmund Hicks II. Aki is described as the boyfriend of Kahealani’s 18-year-old sister, Tanya Tumbaga-Mamala. Aki was photographed standing beside Tumbaga-Mamala as she pled for her sister’s safe return.

A formal identification and autopsy of the girl’s body is still pending. A police spokesperson noted that she was fully clothed when found and did not appear to have been sexually molested, but would not comment on speculation about the cause of death.

The girl’s disappearance prompted many agencies to issue warnings and reminders to parents on keeping children safe. With the arrest announcement, HPD hopes to offer some comfort to residents.

“We want to assure the public that there is not some crazy fiend out there abducting children,” said Maj. Darryl Perry.

Police credited neighbors in the Pu`uwai Momi housing complex where the Indreginals lived for the break in the case, and are asking anyone who might have seen anything — either at the complex or at the popular hiking trail where the girl’s body was found — to come forward.

Kahealani Indreginal was a sixth-grader at `Aiea Elementary School.

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10 thoughts on “Girl's body found, family friend among suspects

  • Ian Godbey

    I feel soo bad reading about this. I was born and raised on the big Island of hawaii. I have been residing in oregon for the past two years. I just want to say to friends, family, and loved ones, Godbless and my prayers are with you. We know justice will be served.

  • Shjarde Lee

    i feel sorrie for the family cause they lost a pretty gurl. i now her older brother aleka and i no he would be really sad that he lost his little sister tht he cares about alot. i think that it was a bad lost case she had a lot going for her. she couldve been a model and she was really smart and realy sweet and a gentle girl. but i like to give the family good luck adn my blessings to them.

  • Kopia Loner

    This is for my ohana in Hawaii. Kahealani was my cousin. I barely knew her. I knew her from talking on the phone and pictures. I reside in Pa. I wish I could be there in Hawaii at this time with the ohana. I love all of you and pray for you. Especially for my cousin Kahealani. May you rest in peace cousin. I also pray for my auntie Lehua too. I love you all. I also hope that the guy that did this will pay for what he has done to my cousin and family.

  • K. Loner

    Kahealani is my cousin. I reside in Pennsylvania. I hardly knew her besides for pictures and talking on the phone. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have been out of Hawaii for 25 years. After I was born. My father brought my mom and I to Pennsylvania. My aunts,uncles, and cousins on my moms side reside in Hawaii. My love goes out to my Ohana in Hawaii. Especially my auntie Lehua. I pray for all of you. I also pray for my cousin Kahealani. May you rest in peace Kahealani. I love all of you ohana. I hope that the guy that did this to my cousin will pay for it. That way my cousin can rest in peace. I love all of you dearly. I wish I could be there with you. I will be home someday. Not soon enough, but someday. Love always

  • someone who cares

    I just want to say may god be with you and help you bare through this painful situation that you are in.Much love goes out to Kahealani’s Parents. I can’t imagine the pain that your going through. But Kahealani is in a very good place. It may have not been her time but we know that she is being tooken care of by our dear heavenly father. May god have mercy on those who comitted such a crime. Much love and Aloha by this Islander.

  • I felt so bad for wat had happened ,and especially why did it have to be a little sweet angle ? but I know shes still here with us in our hearts

  • j. salat

    What a beautiful girl I never would’ve thought such things could go on in the world Don’t people understand the consequences for they’re actions do peolpe reaaly only think about themselves. only in our own homes are we really safe Margaret River western australia 10 years ago was a place where you didn’t have to lock your car or your house but now all over the world there is a hidden world of crime and negativity Karma must find its way.

  • Kahealani was a great hula dancer! I truely belive she was an angel on earth. I would understand why God would want her next to him. I knew her from Aiea Elementary school. I was a drumer for Na Mele. She was a dancer. She would NEVER be forget because her spirit lives with in us!

  • I am a cousin to Kahealani and her brothers and sisters. I’m actually related to her older sister, Tanya, and brothers, Kawika, Alika, and Keola through Aunties first marriage. But we are all Ohana, and I’m blessed to have them. I wasn’t really close to them until this happened. Personally, I didn’t really know Kahea. But when I got to visit her home, it was like I knew her in disguise. I’ve heard and read stories and pictures about her and it made me feel so sad. “If you can hear me Kahea, I am your cousin you haven’t met, but it’s been nice hearing about that sweet you and I wish we met because I know we would have a blast but life’s too short, and I LOVE YOU! You will always remain in my heart! Much Love sent to Aunty Lehua, Uncle Vince and family.




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