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How do volcanoes affect the weather and climate?

Topography indisputably influences the weather—that’s why precipitation is so much greater on the windward side of the island. But how much did Hawai‘i’s topography influence Iselle? Hurricane Iselle weakened to a tropical storm just as it reached the island, but still managed to make landfall. As it did, the bulk of the storm stalled on the east flank of Mauna Loa, but its weakened upper parts continued moving westward.

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Kalapana lava delta collapsed last week

The Puhi-o-Kalaikini lava delta in Kalapana abruptly shed its western edge last week – no injuries or deaths this time. The Puhi-o-Kalaikini lava delta, which will be four months old later this month, currently stretches along the coast for about 1 km (0.6 miles) and protrudes about 150 m (490 ft) or so out from the pre-eruption coastline. Its surface area is about 9.3 hectares (23 acres).

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