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Hawaii residents most interested in electric bikes

Hawaii is the state most interested in electric bikes, a new study reveals.

The study analyzed Google Trends data of searches for the keyword “electric bike” in the last twelve months across each state to discover which one has been searching the most for electric bikes.

The study revealed that Hawaii ranks highest as the state most interested in electric bikes in the past twelve months. With a total search score of 100, Hawaii topped the list for its population, having the highest search levels for the term “electric bike.” Searches for “electric bike” have exploded throughout the U.S., hitting an all-time high in the Summer of 2022, according to Google Trends data.

Second on the list is the Golden state of California, with an average search score of 80 for the term ‘electric bike’. California is closely followed by Utah in third place with a search score of 76 and Idaho comes in fourth with a search score of 72. The eastern ‘green mountain’ state of Vermont makes it into the top five with a search score of 69. Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming also make it into the top ten for electric bike searches.

At the other end of the scale, Mississippi ranks as the state least interested in electric bikes with a search score of 27. Marginally more interested are the states of Texas and Georgia, with a joint search score of 28.

The research was commissioned for Ice Bike, a bike comparison and review website, and conducted by link building marketing outfit Journo Research. A spokesperson for Ice Bike commented on the findings.

“This study highlights the increase in electric bikes as a low carbon, low-cost car alternative which also encourages a healthier lifestyle,” the unnamed spokesperson said. “Furthermore, it is interesting to see that the western US states are taking a stronger interest in electric bikes with the Aloha state of Hawaii taking the crown, in comparison to their more eastern neighbors.” 

The top 10 states most interested in electric bikes 

Rank State Search Score 
Hawaii 100 
California 80 
Utah 76 
Idaho 72 
Vermont 69 
Washington 63 
Nevada 62 
Oregon 61 
Montana 61 
10 Wyoming 59 

Photo by KBO Bike on Unsplash.

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