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Parker Ranch to donate historic Pukalani Stables

Parker Ranch has announced that it intends to donate their historic Pukalani Stables to the Paniolo Preservation Society.

Parker Ranch, established in 1847 by John Palmer Parker, is celebrating its 175th anniversary. As part of its celebration, Parker Ranch is working with the Paniolo Preservation Society to continue their mutual goals of promoting and celebrating the Hawaiian ranching industry and the accomplishments of generations of Paniolo that made this way of life and this form of agricultural endeavor possible.

The Paniolo Preservation Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public thereby increasing awareness and appreciation for the Paniolo history, present-day and future significance to Hawaiʻi’s ranching industry.

The Parker family and more recently, Parker Ranch, Inc., proudly carry on the cattle ranching business and traditions such as rodeo competitions honoring the Paniolo heritage, helping form the roots of many communities throughout Waimea.

“We are pleased to continue supporting public awareness and appreciation of the Paniolo, who have played such a significant role in the histories not only of the Ranch, but Hawai‘i, and the western cowboy heritage of America as well,” said Dutch Kuyper, President and CEO of Parker Ranch Inc. “The Ranch has been ‘Home of the Paniolo since 1847,’ and the historic Pukalani Stables is a central meeting place for the Waimea community, where our town’s people gather and celebrate the legacy of ranching, bringing local residents and visitors together.

“Dedicating and donating this asset ensures the unique stories of the Paniolo are preserved and accessible in perpetuity. We’re looking forward to working with Paniolo Preservation Society to make this donation for the benefit of the community,” Kuyper said.

The Pukalani Stables, through the Paniolo Preservation Society, hosts the Paniolo Heritage Center, Na Wahine Holo Lio Pa‘u Museum, a gift store, and two popular weekly farmers’ markets. These farmers’ markets offer visitors and the Waimea community a large variety of fresh, locally grown, raised, and produced products, including varietal coffee from around the state, local organic produce, island honey, handmade soaps, free-range grass-fed beef, handmade jewelry, and a variety of snacks, prepared foods, and gifts.

About Parker Ranch

Parker Ranch is one of the largest and oldest cattle ranches in the United States. Parker Ranch, Inc. is owned by Parker Ranch Foundation Trust whose beneficiaries are four non-profits: Queen’s North Hawai‘i Community Hospital, Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy, Parker School and Hawai‘i Community Foundation. To learn more, please visit or

About Paniolo Preservation Society

Paniolo Preservation Society (PPS) was founded in 1998 as a 501(c)3 to increase public awareness of the historical, present-day and future significance of Hawaii’s ranching industry with an emphasis on the roles, traditions, and contributions of the paniolo. We are dedicated to preserving the paniolo tradition as a profound part of the history of Hawaiʻi and the American West. PPS is also committed to perpetuating Hawaiian ranching as a proud and living heritage and contributor to the economic and cultural vitality and diversity of Hawaii.

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