Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hawaii changes ‘Safe Travels’ quarantine, survey requirements

The State of Hawaii has made adjustments to the Safe Travels Hawaii Program’s entry requirements relating to COVID-19.

Safe Travels Quarantine Changes

Starting January 3, Safe Travels Mandatory Quarantine period will be reduced from 10 days to 5 days.

For travelers who are currently on 10-day quarantine, if they’ve hit their 5-day “mark” on January 3 or later, they will be released from quarantine after the 5th day. For example, if January 3 is their 5th day, they will be released from quarantine on January 4.

Travelers who arrive without a pre-travel test result or aren’t fully vaccinated, their quarantine period is five days. Day 1 is counted from day of arrival, i.e., arrives on January 3 -> quarantine through January 7; released on January 8.

This affects only domestic travel from the U.S. and its Territories. (Direct international travelers fall under Federal CDC guidelines.)

Revised COVID positive isolation and quarantine policy – details may be found here.

Guidelines for COVID-19 positive travelers will change:

If COVID-19 positive regardless of vaccination status, isolate for at least 5 days and until symptoms are gone. Continue to wear a mask for five days after isolation.

If traveler is still symptomatic on day 5, traveler is advised to seek medical attention and quarantine until a COVID-19 test can be taken. If it’s positive, isolate in place for an additional 5 days and don’t travel.

Safe Travels Health Questionnaire Changes

As of today, the completion of the Health Questionnaire prior to departure will no longer be required.

Travelers who wish to be exempt from the 5-day mandatory quarantine must submit the same documentation as is currently required. Once their exemption documentation has been accepted, their QR code will turn green. The green QR code is a tool to help expedite screening operations. The traveler must still be screened and a green check mark will appear next to “Screened: Yes” after the screening process is completed.

This is what the updated “Trips” page will look like when hotels and rental car agencies check traveler’s exempt status. If traveler has minors on their Safe Travels trip, those minors must also be exempt in order for the QR code to turn green.


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