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‘MANA Magazine’ to launch in April

John Aeto | Courtesy PhotoMANA Magazine, which will be devoted exclusively to Hawaiian culture and current affairs, will launch in April 2012. The bi-monthly magazine will explore hard-hitting issues facing native Hawaiians and offer disparate opinions, as well as highlight Hawaiian heritage, language, art, music and people.

Published by a jointly owned subsidiary of The Kālaimoku Group and PacificBasin Communications, MANA will adhere to professional journalism as it delves into topics such as governance, education, health, income and more.

“MANA provides a valued independent voice that is not tied to any organization or viewpoint,” said co-owner and co-publisher John Aeto. “We hope to inspire serious exchange, sharing contrasting opinions and ideas on the hard-hitting topics such as governance, education, health, income and more,” he says.

Stories will cover the range and diversity of Hawaiian voices wherever they live, including globe trotting Hawaiians.

The Kālaimoku Group is a Honolulu-based, native Hawaiian-owned business development firm founded by Aeto and Cedric Duarte. Both partners have extensive experience in Hawaiian community affairs and the media.

PacificBasin Communications is Hawaii’s largest, locally owned media company that publishes 11 magazines including HONOLULU Magazine. HONOLULU is Hawaii’s oldest magazine, commissioned under a royal charter from King Kalākaua in 1888 under the name Paradise of the Pacific. MANA emulates these royal roots as a voice for the native Hawaiian community.

“MANA hopes to reach active, engaged Hawaiians everywhere – in Hawaii, on the Mainland and around the world,” says Scott Schumaker, PacificBasin Communications president. “It offers a platform for all those who care deeply about the Hawaiian community and the important role it plays in making Hawaii, Hawaii.

“Our owner, Duane Kurisu, built PacificBasin to ensure the integrity of local journalism and continued cultivation of home-grown perspectives. His investment in MANA speaks to his commitment to growing our community’s capacity to speak with Hawai‘i audiences and offer an important forum for life in our islands.”

Schumaker is a co-publisher of MANA, with Aeto. Kurisu is the owner of aio Group, a locally owned family of businesses specializing in media, printing, technology, sports and food.

An advisory board for MANA is being recruited. The magazine’s owners and publishers are taking nominations to ensure community-based content and a statewide scope.

“Mana” in the Hawaiian language means power or authority, sometimes spiritual or divine power. The magazine’s name, MANA and its design are derived from the symbolism of the triangle in Hawaiian culture. Taken together, the triangles in the letters “A” of the logo symbolize the power and strength of the Hawaiian people.

To subscribe to MANA Magazine and its newsletter, visit: Nominations for the MANA advisory board are being accepted via email:

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