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Ed Case enters race for U.S. Senate

Ed CaseEd Case today launched another campaign to replace Sen. Daniel Akaka, who announced last month that he was retiring after 20 years in the U.S. Senate. Case previously served in the U.S. House, but then lost a bid for Akaka’s seat in 2006, and lost another bid to return to the House in 2010.

Case’s announcement makes him the first declared Democratic candidate for the 2012 race. He posted a YouTube video and a message on his campaign website:


I’m Ed Case, humbly announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate.

I’m running for the Senate because I believe we can and must do better, and that our Hawai’i offers a better way forward for our country.

Hawai’i has given me so much. The good fortune of being born to deep roots here, raised in the hometown values of Hilo, a lifetime in our unique diversity.

Parents who sacrificed to provide for us. A wonderful wife and partner in Audrey. Good kids. A rewarding legal and business career.

But Hawai’i also taught me that there is always the obligation to give back, to my community and those not as fortunate.

I first went to Congress as a young man with Senator Spark Matsunaga. Later I served eight years in our Hawai’i Legislature, fighting for a stronger economy, better schools, an accountable and affordable government. For change that equipped us for an uncertain future yet preserved our special Hawai’i.

Back on Capitol Hill as your Congressman, I fought for fair treatment of Hawai’i, preservation of our special places, energy independence and fiscal responsibility. At home we crisscrossed the state to bring your government to your doorstep.

Today’s Washington, though, pits politics against people, gain today against responsibility tomorrow. Lost are the unity and results and progress we want and deserve.

Here at home, amidst our differences, we’ve done better at respecting and helping each other, of working for the common good. We know we’re part of something truly special, and we want to preserve it.

That same hope and purpose is what our country needs today in Washington. Yes, we have challenges, from better jobs and education to balancing our budget and leading our world.

We can and will overcome them, if we’re honest about where we are, where we must go, and how we’ll get there. It won’t be easy, but if we do it together we cannot fail.

It’s our country, our Hawai’i, and our choice. And that’s worth fighting for, as your Senator.

Please join us now at in reclaiming our today and tomorrow. I’m deeply grateful for your consideration, and we’ll see you along the campaign trail.


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