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BusinessFeatured enters group buying craze

VoteOnDeals.comA new group buying service based in Hawaii promises “a new daily deal site that surpasses all others by maximizing the power of social networking and reward systems.”, launching this week, is the brainchild of Andrew Sato and Jason Ching. Sato is a former top sales executive at a local radio station group and a graduate of Pearl City High School. He approached Ching, a longtime friend and entrepreneur and a graduate of Kaiser High School, with the idea of a daily deal site that incorporated elements of social networking and also included an integrated rewards system.

“Not only do you get an amazing offer from our featured businesses, but you can earn reward points every time you vote, buy and share a deal,” explains Ching, vice president and chief operating officer of “You can then redeem those points for credits towards other deals or even prizes. No other deal sites currently offer so much to their users.”

All deals are 50% or more off the regular price, and each day there are a minimum of four four deals in four different categories: food and dining, professional services, retail and activities, and entertainment.

A subscriber will need to “vote” to unlock a specific deal. Once the required number of votes is reached, the subscriber will then be able to buy the deal and earn rewards.

“It’s a fun way to share great deals with your friends through the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,” says Sato, president and CEO of

Citing its dynamic infrastructure and its integration of social networking, rewards system and feature longevity, Ching and Sato say many businesses that did not participate with other daily deal sites are jumping onboard with

“Not only did we look at what the general consumers wanted, but we also looked closely at the needs of our vendors,” Sato said. “They are offering amazing deals to the public; they deserve to be promoted for more than just one day.”

Toys n Joys, Gyu-Kaku, Wet ‘n Wild, Taco Del Mar, Honolulu Club and Big City Diner are among the first businesses that will be featured on was scheduled to launch on Monday, Feb. 7, but the site now lists a Wednesday, Feb. 9 launch date.

The team behind says they hope to later launch in cities beyond Honolulu, and even internationally.

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2 thoughts on “ enters group buying craze

  • Pam Ma

    It’s a refreshing feeling to know there’s a young and new local company out there that will be focusing on not just themselves and what goes into their pockets, but more on all the businesses in Hawaii. The website looks very exciting and much different from the rest of the ‘group buying sites’. I’m looking forward to their launch, and I wish them lots success. Without knowing anything more than what I just read about them, they definitely have my support.

  • bluihapa

    I was so excited for this site but it seems to not be working. That’s a shame for the consumer and the businesses who are all losing out.


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