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Sanyo brings hybrid bicycle to Hawaii

Sanyo Eneloop Bike in HawaiiSANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) announces that the award-winning eneloop bike, the SANYO pedal-assist synergetic hybrid bicycle, is available in Hawaii to provide an alternative method of transportation for tourists and locals.

The eneloop bike won the Best of Innovations Award at CES 2010. Collaborating with Assist the World of Green, LLC., SANYO’s eneloop bike will be available in bike rental shops. Two eneloop bikes, the CY-SPA600NA and the CY-SPH600NA, have been available since January 2011 as rental bicycles.

Consumers are looking to continue their eco-friendly ways even while on vacation. One such method that is fun, affordable, healthy and eco-friendly is to ride an electric bike around the islands. The award-winning SANYO e-bike uses a combination of pedal-power and battery-power to help riders go further and easily maneuver hills. The riders experience a unique ‘lighter than air’ feeling offered by the eneloop bike. ‘eneloop’ is a word combining both “energy” and “looping,” and the bicycle is based on the concept of its ‘looping charge function’ that offers regenerative coasting and braking, recharging the battery while in motion. In addition, the synergetic hybrid bicycle is also designed for a safer, more stable ride. Because the rider has to pedal to maintain the battery charge they have a healthier lifestyle option that maintains their flexibility.

“Hawaii is filled with such beautiful scenery, the best way to experience the magic of the islands is to be outdoors among the flowers, greenery, and coastal areas. This experience is enriched by seeing the interior of the islands on a bicycle which makes it easier to pause and enjoy the surroundings,” said Mr. Murata, President of SANYO North America. “It’s also an easy way to save money while on vacation as bike rentals are less costly than automobiles and with no gas to buy,” Murata commented. “Vacationers can work off the extra pounds from all the good food they eat on the island,” he added.

Maintaining the beauty of the islands and clean air is a priority for Hawaiians. One way this can be achieved is by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road. By renting a SANYO eneloop bicycle, tourists and locals can enjoy the island while respecting its environment. Assist the World of Green, LLC. has set up a network of bike rentals where people can rent the bike in one location and return it to another so they don’t have to pedal back to the original rental destination. People who ride bikes such as the eneloop bike can save money, do something good for their health, do something good for the environment and maintain their flexibility.

Yasushi Harada, President of Assist the World of Green, LLC., commented, “As we opened this rental bicycle business we carefully considered and compared products from several major companies. We selected the ‘eneloop bike’ because the brand is well known to tourists from Japan and SANYO is the only Japanese company that sells a hybrid electric pedal-assist bicycle that conforms to US-standards. Also, because SANYO also has some of the world’s leading energy solutions with solar panels and large-scale industrial-use battery technology, we feel that there is the potential to preserve the natural beauty of Hawaii as we focus on environmental conservation through environmental business opportunities.”

About the SANYO eneloop bike

The eneloop bike features a regenerative charging system similar to hybrid automobiles, which allows the bike to re-generate energy, replenishing part of its power needs through regenerative coasting and braking. The bike is equipped to not only generate energy but to store energy as well, thereby eliminating emissions and encouraging the preservation of the natural environment. The power available from its engine is also powerful enough to assist weaker riders on hills and steep inclines, allowing for a light and pleasant riding experience. The eneloop bike, CY-SPA600NA won the Best of Innovations award at CES 2010, receiving the highest overall score in the Eco-Design & Sustainable Technology category.

About Assist the World of Green, LLC.

Assist the World of Green, LLC. is a venture business established in 2010 for the purpose of expanding green energy businesses and products throughout the many islands of Hawaii. Starting with a rental bicycle business utilizing hybrid electric pedal-assist green bicycles, the company aims to bring and expand environmental business opportunities to the rapidly demand-driven Hawaiian islands. The rental bicycle business will open operations near the Waikiki Duty Free Shop mall, and by the end of March 2011, a second shop will be added in the Kailua region, a very popular destination for tourists. In addition to the rental shops, a new system to drop off rental bicycles will also be created. The owner of the shops will use knowledge based on years of experience in the food and drink industries and connections in Hawaii in the industrial world to expand the rental shop and service locations to five locations.


SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a global company providing solutions for environment, energy and lifestyle applications. SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., is based in San Diego, and its products include solar, rechargeable batteries, digital solutions (such as digital cameras, projectors, home appliances), biomedical laboratory equipment, HVAC and refrigeration equipment, and Smart Energy Systems.

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  • I reside in Hawaii and I am very interested in purchasing one of the eneloop bicycles as soon as they are available for individual purchase in Hawaii. Please advise where and if one can be purchased in Hawaii by an individual. I am desperately seeking alternative solution to powered transportation.


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