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Helemano Farms opens Friday for Christmas tree sales

Helemano Farms, which grows thousands of Norfolk pine Christmas trees in Central Oahu, will open on “Black Friday.” This is the company’s fifth year of tree sales. The farm will be open every day, from noon to sunset on weekdays and 10 a.m. to sunset on weekends, until two days before Christmas 2009.

Prices for all Norfolk trees up to 8 feet tall are the same as last year: 6-foot Norfolks are still only $40! Our locally made Christmas wreaths also are the same price as last year: $25.

Visitors at Helemano Farms choose from thousands of Norfolk Christmas trees, which range from 5 to 20 feet tall. Employees cut, wrap and load trees free of charge. And Norfolks grow back after they’re cut down.

Potted Norfolk Pines are not available at the farm and the company does not ship trees off Oahu.

Helemano Farms has planted its popular Leyland Cypress trees, which sold out in 2008. The new Leylands should be ready by Christmas 2010.

Helemano Farms LLC started growing Christmas trees in Central Oahu in 2002. The farm began as the green retirement project of late agriculture executive Mike O’Brien, whose family runs Helemano Farms in his memory. The farm is in Whitmore Village in Wahiawa at the end of Whitmore Avenue.

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