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PencilBot iPhone Apps for Kids Released


Edutainment Resources, Inc. is excited to announce the latest addition to its suite of iPhone Apps – PencilBot-Kids Feed Me! for pre-school children. This new series taps into children’s natural desire to learn by providing a fun way to get a head start at acquiring basic knowledge and skills. [iPhone App Store Link]

PencilBot-Kids Feed Me! appeals to pre-school children, with a range of over 100 questions in a unique ‘endless game’ that covers numbers, colors, shapes, patterns and more. PencilBot Apps are developed by teachers and parents, people who love to make learning fun through multimedia edutainment. The PencilBot team has closely followed the educational games available in the iTunes App Store – seeing what works, what doesn’t, and what parents really want in an app for their pre-schoolers. From this research comes the PencilBot-Kids series, with Feed Me! as its first release.

Specially designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, PencilBot-Kids gives pre-schoolers great audio-visual features right at their fingertips – clean, bright visuals, easy navigation, and clear spoken language cues. Their progress is charted in an innovative ‘Trophy Case’ that not only keeps track of learning goals but also motivates young learners during game play.

PencilBot-Kids Feed Me! apps are available in eight languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Korean, with more to come. They provide children with exposure to skills in multiple languages, at a time when their minds are at their most receptive.

ERI commissioned Black Pixel, a leading iPhone developer, to deliver the many interactive features of PencilBot-Kids for the iPhone, bringing the advantages of ERI Edutainment to the broadest audience.

Lishan Chong, CEO of Edutainment Resources, Inc., is excited by the enormous potential of the combination of iPhone and PencilBot-Kids.

“We always wanted to bring our unique edutainment to a young audience,” she said, “anytime, anywhere – in the car, waiting at the restaurant, or in the doctor’s office. Parents will love PencilBot-Kids, since youngsters can have fun playing and learning skills independently at their own pace without the need for constant parental supervision.”

More information, including downloadable screenshots, is available at

Edutainment Resources, Inc. is based in Hawaii. Since its formation in 2004, the company has invested heavily in multimedia content production for the language learning market. The PencilBotâ„¢ brand was created to support the company philosophy of combining Education with Entertainment to enhance learning through Edutainment. Its traditional media products are widely used in North America and in China.

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