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Gov. Lingle urges hurricane preparedness

As the nation prepares for Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna to make landfall in the Gulf Coast states in the coming days, Governor Linda Lingle said this situation reminds Hawai‘i residents of the need to be prepared here at home since we are in the middle of Hurricane season.

“As our fellow Americans prepare for Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna in the Gulf Coast, we are reminded of the real threat that hurricanes pose to Hawaii,” said Governor Lingle. “Now is the time for all of us in Hawaii to prepare for a potential hurricane. The most important actions every family can take now include developing a family disaster plan, learning where your nearest shelters are located, preparing an emergency supply kit with provisions for at least seven days, and staying aware of current weather conditions. Hurricane preparedness is a responsibility we all share. By being prepared, you will ensure your family is safe when a hurricane hits Hawaii.”

An emergency supply kit should include food, water, medicine, clothing, blankets, batteries, flashlights, radio, and other necessities your family will need. If you have pets, remember to include emergency supplies for them as well.

Governor Lingle and Lt. Governor James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr., who are in St. Paul, Minnesota for the Republican National Convention, are closely monitoring the paths of the Gulf Coast hurricanes. Governor Lingle has been in close contact with Hawaii Adjutant General Robert Lee, director of State Civil Defense, on any potential relief effort role Hawaii might provide should the need arise.

“Our prayers are for the safety of our fellow Americans in the Gulf Coast states as they prepare for Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna, and our condolences go out to those who have lost family and friends, as well as their homes in island nations in the Caribbean from the devastation of Gustav,” said Governor Lingle.

Hurricane season began in June and runs through November. Additional information about hurricane and emergency preparedness is available on the Governor’s Web site and the State Civil Defense Web site.

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