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Deaths prompt call for stronger crosswalk law

Gov. Linda Lingle today said that tougher measures are needed to penalize drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. The year is barely three weeks old, she noted, but Hawaii has already seen at least four fatal pedestrian accidents. “These accidents, along with many other pedestrian fatalities that have plagued our state for the past several years, could have been prevented if drivers yielded the right-of-way to pedestrians,” Lingle said in a press release. The legislature passed a new crosswalk law in 2005, but did not include the stricter penalties the Lingle administration sought. Lingle said she is reintroducing the penalty legislation, which would require a $150 fine and a 90 day suspended sentence for a first violation. A second offense would bring a $300 fine and a 180-day license revocation. A third offense would bring a month of jail time, plus a $1,000 fine and a year-long license revocation.

“Too many of our residents and visitors, especially our children and senior citizens, are being put at risk by drivers who fail to slow down and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians,” Lingle said. “The measures we are proposing will serve as a strong deterrent and remind drivers that they need to obey our crosswalk law and put an end to reckless driving.”

According to the State Department of Transportation, there were 29 pedestrian deaths in 2006, compared to 36 in 2005 — a decrease many attribute to the 2005 crosswalk law. Hawaii, which ranked 4th nationally in pedestrian deaths in 2004, now sits in 11th place.

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2 thoughts on “Deaths prompt call for stronger crosswalk law

  • Setting all motor traffic to 20 – 25 mph by vehicle computer control is a start at real safety.

    End the mad, be on time or get fired, frensy and time is money, all else be darned, mentality of commerce with a criminalization twists for it all and your efforts at self and family support.

    Traffic lights stoping traffic in all directions to cross pedestrians both ways, in a fair cycle a good engineering idea for now as well.

    Fines just fill the ineffective self spoiling, shortage creating and self serving, legislators pockets on blood money. Imagine a $150 to $1000.00 fine, a joke, takes honest patroling by HPD. They are on scene always rousting the violence and drug riddled inner citys of Honolulu and Waikiki or stalking, from the dark and jumping seatbealt violators. Get the cops out of the cars and let them stand in the intersection as direction even. Cops are as bad as rest pushing on walkcrossers. NO RESPECT, FAIRNESS OR INTERITY, just fines, taxes and take downs to cuff. And citation writing disrupts and cause more traffic trouble adding to the volitile mix leading to abuses and damage. Ain’t it time to see law do not work, if they did, we would not be here looking at these kind stories.

    Even people driving coming into driveways over sidewalks are disrespectful, the bumper of the car closer than the driver would ever accept a grocery cart near them in the combat shopping centers.

    Getting the stories of overworked people passing out and running into bus stops and killing?

    Tell you folks, all life is ruined, running time for money, in inflation and lowering wages. No worries, time is almost over, you earned your demise. BYE !!!

    P.S. Pedestrians are as sucky and rude, no room, no Aloha, just pure attitude and stink eye. Planet earth in Waikiki and Honolulu the pits if Aloha is your jimgle, pure propoganda now, no reality like that left here.

  • Maybe if people would stop crossing the road without looking, there would me less accidents. There have been many incidents where I almost ran someone over because they were just not looking and not using the cross walks. Just because you are crossing the road doesn’t mean that the driver sees you!


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