Monday, April 22, 2024

Isle airports tackle new travel restrictions

While there were long lines and some confusion at Honolulu International Airport yesterday, airport workers and travelers largely adjusted well to travel restrictions implemented in the wake of a disrupted terrorist plot in the United Kingdom. Hawaii benefited somewhat from its time zone, allowing everyone from hotel employees to airline staff to have preparations in place before the first flight of the day on Thursday. The most tangible result of the new rules at the airport was the more than 1,500 pounds of water bottles, toiletries, and other liquid items now banned from carry-on luggage. Travelers were required to repack the forbidden items in checked luggage, or use a self-service kiosk to have them sent by mail. Under the new rules, passengers cannot take any liquids or gels on board, including toothpaste, perfume, and wine bottles. There are conditional exemptions for baby formula and medicines. Transportation officials are now advising island travelers to arrive two hours early for interisland flights, and three hours early for flights to the Mainland or overseas. “We don’t want people cancelling their flight reservations, we are not urging them not to fly,” said state civil defense director Maj. Gen. Robert Lee. “We just want them to know that extra security precautions will be in place for their protection.”

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