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Heavy rains break records

Heavy rains have pummeled the islands for the past few weeks. Serious flooding and landslides has caused millions of dollars in damage to homes, crops, and other property on several islands, and a dam breach on Kauai last Tuesday swept seven residents away. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the rainfall in many areas has been unprecedented. “Although the entire state has recieved some rain at some point through the event, the hardest hit areas through all the events have been Kauai, Windward Oahu, and East and southeast sides of the Big Island of Hawaii,” reads a statement from the service. “In some of these areas, especially on Kauai, the amount of rain has broken long standing records.” Kauai’s Mount Waialeale, said to be the wettest spot on Earth, saw 116.25 inches of rain in the past 30 days. That’s more rain in a month than that spot has seen since the NWS has kept such records.

Other rainfall numbers for the past 30 days are as follows (record levels in parenthesis where available):

  • Kauai:
    1. Mount Waialeale: 116.25″ (94.05″)
    2. Waialua: 47.96″ (31.20)
    3. Hanalei: 41.93″
    4. Kapahi: 39.47″
    5. Lihue Airport: 33.48″ (28.28″)
  • Oahu:
    1. Poamoho: 67.67″
    2. Wilson Tunnel: 42.15″
    3. Punaluu Pump: 39.90″ (56.17″)
    4. Luluku: 38.21″
    5. Waihee Pump: 35.30″
  • Molokai:
    1. Kamalo: 4.51″
    2. Makapulapai: 3.78″
    3. Kaunakakai Mauka: 2.92″
    4. Molokai Airport: 1.73″
  • Maui:
    1. Kaupo Gap: 34.36″
    2. West Wailuaiki: 33.56″
    3. Hana Airport: 9.43″ (40.95″)
    4. Kula: 6.42″
    5. Haiku: 4.71″
  • Big Island:
    1. Glenwood: 49.32″
    2. Waiakea Uka: 48.43″
    3. Mountain View: 45.49″ (81.71″)
    4. Piihonua: 43.99″
    5. Hilo Airport: 30.54″ (58.48″)

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2 thoughts on “Heavy rains break records

  • we are to leave for Kauai in 13 days…so worried
    about the non-stop rain…it’s something we’vd
    been looking forward in the last 3 mos….do
    we cancel or go????? pls advise….mahalo!

  • I have clients that are wanting to visit Kauai in June. What is the status of Kauai after all of the recent intense rains? Should they delay their trip to another time…they are interested in hiking, especially the NaPali Coast area.

    Thank you for any info you might offer…



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