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KHON tops in news ratings

Flush with the record-setting audiences sucked in by the FOX network’s “American Idol,” KHON announced today that the latest Nielsen Survey showed all of its newscasts at the top of the local news heap. Although the station was the last of the local stations to introduce a 5 p.m. local news show, the broadcast came in first for the first time between April 29 and May 26. KHON has already long dominated the ratings for its morning programming and 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts, both weeknights and weekends.  DISCUSS

And while KHON general manager Rick Blangiardi concedes that “American Idol” helped — Hawaii’s 400,000 viewers on Tuesday and Wednesday nights represented the show’s highest regional ratings nationwide — he notes that KHON’s 10 p.m. news with Joe Moore still did well on Thursday “absent the benefit of American Idol, yet against very strong primetime lineups on CBS and NBC.”

In many ways, the station points out in a news release, there’s hardly any competition. For example, from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. the KHON morning news (anchored by Kirk Matthews and Tannya Boyd) averages more viewers and households than the combined viewership of its three competitors. On weeknights, KHON takes almost half of the state’s viewers.

“Approximately 108,000 adults 25-54 are watching local newscasts in Hawaii weeknights at 6 p.m.,” Blangiardi noted. “On average 51,000 of those viewers are watching the KHON2 News with Joe Moore. The other three newscasts share the remaining 57,000 viewers.”

And on weekends, KHON’s evening news broadcasts aren’t only doing well, but are also improving the ratings of other shows. “The growth in our late newscasts on Saturday and Sunday is particularly significant since the KHON2 News improves its lead-in program ratings by more than 100 percent,” Blangiardi said.

Notably, KHON’s locally produced world news broadcast with Joe Moore also beats network anchors Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather in the 5:30 p.m. shot.

But the station seems most proud of its 5 p.m. newscast’s rise to the top, giving it a clean sweep this “sweeps” week.

“Leslie [Wilcox] and Ron [Mizutani] not only convey their years of experience here and their love for this state and its people, but as working reporters they break important stories daily and produce some of Hawaii’s most memorable television news coverage,” said KHON news director Dan Dennison.

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2 thoughts on “KHON tops in news ratings

  • Scott Brown

    My Wife just changed the channel to the late news with Joe Moore, he was reporting on a milestone in the Iraq war, his voice somber while he spoke of the one thousandth American death,while I agree that it is a tragidy,, the LEFTIST SPIN that was put on the the story, the emphisis as he said “President Bush’s WAR” I belive is iresponsible and extremly UNproffisonal reporting. I have yet to hear Joe Or KHON report on the thousands upon thousands of Women and children Liberated due to “Presidents Bush’s war” nor have I heard Joe Or KHON report that thousands of people in Iraq now have running water and telephones, most have NEVER had a phone before but due to “Presidents Bush’s war” they do now, Also we suprisingly (HAHA no suprise at all actually) have not heard Joe or KHON say anything about the thousands and thousands of children that can now go to school,, now that “Presidents Bush’s war” has enabled the schools to be used as a school instead of an ammunition bunker as was tha case with Sadam Insane.
    WHY WHY WHY???? Why is this????
    ANY one of those stories is a great humin int. story..They create pride in country, armed forces, leadership in Washington and let us remember why we are involved in Iraq, Afganastan ect.
    I have nothing personal aganst Mr. Moore, I think he is a talented actor and writer and enjoy seeing him and Pat work together.
    Come on KHON GET with it it’s not that popular to be SOOO left anymore, besides insn’t reporting SUPPOSED to be netruel???without opinin??yes, and LEFT SPIN. Stop the spin and get back to basics.
    Report a good story because it’s good, not because it brings down President Bush, or Linda Lingle as long as were on the subject.
    Well that’s that ..not that it’s going to change anything,but I feel a little better finally saying how much It angers me when you (KHON) condone- no- encourage that kind or reporting.

    Scott Brown
    Pearl City

  • Phyllis Herman

    I very much agree with Mr. Brown. I am sick to death of all the left pointing fingers at the right and vies-versa. I want to hear the news and only the news!
    Other than in an editorial, I don’t want to hear the reporter’s opinions nor the stations opinions. I have also read the stories that Mr. Brown refers to and sadly I had to go elsewhere off the island to get the true big picture of our part in Iraq. Because I am taking the time to seek out the whole picture my confidence in the President is growing daily.
    In summary, please keep the politics out of your newscasts. Strive to become real journalists and report “ALL” of the news, not just what serves your slanted purposes.
    Phyllis Herman
    Hilo, HI


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