Monday, June 17, 2024

Big Isle woman wins candy contest

When Theresa Vargas of Kea`au bought a bag of M&MS for her kids, the all-green candies they found inside made her the latest winner in a nationwide “Color Quest” contest. Vargas found “green,” and won a green convertible Volkswagen Beetle, $20,000 in cash, and a trip to Los Angeles. “As the mother of three children and the caretaker of several foster children, I consider this prize to be a great blessing,” Vargas said. “The whole family will be traveling to Los Angeles, and it will be the first time the children visit the Mainland. We are all so excited.”

The usually colorful M&MS have been black and white since the beginning of the year, and consumers have been asked to find special bags representing each of the six original colors.

Earlier this month, Frances Gailey of South Carolina won with a bag of all-orange M&Ms. In January, Michelle and Shane Chesson of Colorado found “red.”

The progress of the “Color Quest” is being tracked on the M&MS website. Yellow and blue have yet to be found.

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