Monday, April 22, 2024

Special Spam can salutes island fans

The familiar blue-and-yellow can of Spam will get a makeover later this month when Hormel introduces a “limited edition” design available only in Hawai`i. The Aloha State consumes more Spam per capita than any other state: 6.7 million cans a year. In tribute to its island ties, the Austin, Minn.-based manufacturer of the definitive luncheon meat announced the special can design today, which will include a spam musubi photo and recipe and “Hawaiian-themed graphics,” including hula dolls in grass skirts.

“Spam has been part of the Hawaiian culture for decades,” said Nick Meyer, Hormel’s senior product manager. “The brand is beloved on the islands, so we are pleased to offer this special collector’s edition can to Hawaiian consumers.”

The “SPAM Hawaii Collector’s Edition” label will appear on the “Less Sodium” variety of the product.

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