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Pac Man addict attacks daughter

An argument over a Game Boy escalated into a physical altercation yesterday, when a mother attacked her adult daughter in a dispute over one of the handheld video game devices. According to KHON, Honolulu police have opened an assault investigation after the mother, 54, hit her 31-year-old daughter with a metal chair after the daughter demanded that her Game Boy be returned.

“It started over a Game Boy,” HPD detective John Coleman confirmed to the station. “Apparently they both have Game Boys, and the daughter was really upset that the mother borrowed her Game Boy when she had her own.”

“She attacked me in the bathroom,” said Leila Peloli, who lived with several members of her family in a Vineyard Boulevard apartment.

The mother, who is unemployed, played Pac Man Worlds constantly, KHON reported, and would lock herself in the bathroom for hours. She also smoked in the apartment — something that irked her daughter, who had just quit smoking.

The mother, who reportedly attacked her daughter more than once in the dispute, had no prior arrests.

The daughter, while wearing a bandage on her arm, said it wasn’t broken or fractured. She told KHON’s Leslie Wilcox that the incident was silly, and that she hoped the family could put the incident behind them.

The station noted that the Pac Man game did sport a warning for “Mild Violence.”

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