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Play helps kids explore environmental issues

Saturday will bring the final performances of “The Last Paving Stone” by the Hawai`i Theatre for Youth. With music composed and performed live by renowned musician Henry Kapono, “The Last Paving Stone” is the story of Ito, a young girl with enormous ears who can hear the sound of the Ground, and her quest to save the earth.

The March 22 shows are at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. at Leeward Community College.

Guided by Kapono’s music, The Ground tells Ito that the entire earth has been paved except for a single small spot in danger of meeting the same fate. It’s up to Ito, The Ground, and Ito’s friend Jasmin, a girl with a nose so big she can smell lies, to save the lone spot and forever change the course of earth’s history.

“The Last Paving Stone” was written by Y York, HTY’s playwright-in-residence funded by the Pew Charitable Trust. She has written numerous plays for both children and adults including adaptations of “Afternoon of the Elves” and “Othello,” which were both previously performed at HTY.

The play, deemed suitable for ages seven and up, is directed by Mark Lutwak, and the cast includes Nara Springer Cardenas, Monica Cho, Cynthia See, Aito Steele, and Kelly Williams. Behind the scenes, Joe Dodd designed the set, Casey Cameron designed the costumes, and the stage is managed by Mathias Maas.

Founded in 1955, HTY is Hawai`i’s only professional nonprofit theatre, working primarily through the state’s public and private school systems to reach about 125,000 people in 350 school performances and 50 public performances each school year.

For information and reservations, please call 839-9885.

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