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Digital art exhibition planned

A small coalition of local artists who are more likely to work in pixels than paint is planning one of the state’s first juried exhibitions of digital art. “Digitally Charged Entities,” organized by the Digital Art Society of Hawaii (DASH), is seeking submissions that will “challenge viewers to question the current status quo” of digital creations and provoke dialogue about the differences and similarities between new and traditional media.

“DASH believes that digital technology has irrevocably changed art-making practices and opened opportunities for research and experimentation in the art disciplines,” said artist and exhibition coordinator Diana Jeon.

The jurors for “”Digitally Charged Entities” are:

  • Peter Chamberlain, MFA, Professor of Art, University of Hawai`i-Manoa
  • Victoria Gail-White, BFA, Textile/Paper Artist and Art Reviewer, Honolulu Advertiser
  • Sarah E. Bremser McCormick, MA (Art History), Professor of Art and Art History, Kapi`olani Community College

DASH is now seeking submissions statewide. Artists must be Hawaii residents and at least 18 years old. Their work — whether two-dimensional or sculptures — must be new (created within the last two years) and can incorporate traditional art elements provided the primary component of the work was digitally-created. “Digital reproductions of work created in traditional media will not be considered,” Jeon noted.

Details are provided in the official Call for Entries, available online or at the at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Linekona School location. For more information, contact Jeon at (808) 947-7076 or assistant coordinator Bobby Crockett at (808) 488-2842.

The exhibition is scheduled to run through the month of May at the new One North King Art Center — previously the headquarters for Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris’ aborted campaign for governor. The center opened in October, and plans call for a performance hall and bar.

Founded in 1988, DASH is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of digital fine art and creating greater public awareness of digital fine art through collaboration, education, and exhibition. Its current president is Arthur Nelander, a formally-trained painter, sculptor and printmaker who expanded his repertoire to digital painting over a decade ago.

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2 thoughts on “Digital art exhibition planned

  • What DASH failed to educate the prospective patrons for their future show is that all of the artists entery fees $$$ are forfeit.

    What you are paying is not a quote “entry fee” for your artwork to be shown, but a “viewing fee” for 3 people in a dark room who are doing nothing but looking at your slide samples. (not an entry fee to have your work exhibited to the public like you might think)… They are KEEPING your $$$ whether your work is accepted into the show or not! This is not only fraudulent, but purely misleading to the artists and is considered illegal fraud. (scenario: you could submit 10 entries for $95, and they may chose not to actually enter any into the show… but they are going to keep your cash sucker!) This is a scam of the worst kind, something for nothing, … retaining an “entry fee” for artwork that is not actually entered into the exhibit is unjustifiable.

    This displays a lack of ethics on the part of the Digital Art Society of Hawaii. In their own words, “enter and take a chance with your money” in other words, gamble your entry fee away… you will never see it again – even if you aren’t accepted into the show.

    A lack of principals… YES. This deception is going to leave alot of disgruntled artists with a bad taste in their mouth about DASH. Talk about bad faith!

    How about a ligitimate sponsor for our Hawaiian artists, who is interested in helping our local talent, instead of trying to scam them. Wow … what a concept!

    Get your act together DASH, try running a professional show, this is an exhibit for local artists ~ run by ‘Con Artists.’

    Michel Savage /

  • !! UPDATE !!

    Well their first state wide exhibit by DASH has come and gone. Get ready for their scam next year, should they decide to show their faces in public again. – DASH informed all the submitting artists in Hawaii that there had been a delay in the judging becuase “they had far more submissions than they expected, and had only a limited amount of room in the gallery for the show”. – of course, with their claim that the judges wanted more time to review what represented the cutting edge of digital art in Hawaii. . .

    what a bunch of bull !

    After being told that my own work was not even submitted to the jurors, and they “stole” all the entrants fees (for work that was never actually entered into the show)… but was amazed to find out exactly “WHO” was graced enough to be allowed into the exhibit. . .

    —- well folks, it was not a blind jury —-
    the show was rigged

    Members of the Digital Art Society found enough room for several works of their own art, and were even brazen enough to give themselves prize awards – paid for out of other artists entry fees… whom never even got their work exhibited, since DASH claimed to not have enough space. HAH!

    …. unbelievable.

    I contacted both Diana Jeon and Arthur Nelander, (the President and Exhibit Coordinator) to confront them on this issue… in response I recieved numerous threats from Jeon, and no retort from Nelander regarding the blatant self serving and fradulent facade of their so called ‘State wide’ exhibit.

    Keep this in mind, should DASH wish to hold another show, for they will only take care of their own. A self centered group who have no qualms about ripping off other people, or displaying any integrity towards Hawaii’s artists.

    just take a look at their webiste, and you can be the judge.

    Michel Savage/


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