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  • Miss Julie Tolman

    I live in the UK. I am ill and have a disability. I am being treated abusively by both family members and the English `system` which is not giving me the protection I am entitled to. I am being made homeless from my home of birth and 54 years and have no money to leave with or get the disability helps I will need. The court have refused me any money or protection from the family thieves who keep breaking into my home. I have been living in fear for two and a half years since my Mother died who I looked after here. The forms they stole of mine are clear in the court documents but the Judge is unwilling to spend any time on it. I am unable to move out in time for bailiffs due to illness and the theives will come and steal more of my things. No one will help me properly, not the police either. Do you have similar atrocious injustices in your sunny land and would you like to publish this and ask your readers to comment on such similarities they may know of or did they perceive the UK as a fair and just land with a reasonable and honest legal and court system (which it certainly is not)? Please let me know if and when you publish this.

    Kind Regards and thank you. Miss Julie Tolman, living at 205, Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton, BNI 7HF, East Sussex, UK.

  • Shalene-Billie Holmes

    I do realize that this problem may seem quite trivial to some, but I ask that you hear me out.

    I feel that the citizens of Oahu, Hawaiians, and other locals, were done a great injustice when Pahumoa Beach was renamed Pounders Beach in the 1950s.

    For those that do not know the history … Mr. Pahumoa was a fisherman that shared his daily catches with the elderly in the area, making sure that everyone had food to eat. Due to this man’s wonderful generosity, the beach was named after him … a fitting tribute.

    I feel that this beach should be renamed back to his name! This story is a wonderful story of true aloha spirit … and should not be swept away by the sounds of waves pounding on the rocks of this beach park.

    Please … help to correct this horrible mistake of lost Hawaiian Heritage.


  • Maureen Brady Johnson

    I am trying to find a pen pal I had when I was in Elementary School. Her name is Susan Tomikawa. I am coming to Hawaii for the first time and would like to locate her and meet her. We stopped writing to each other in High School. I don’t have an address but I do have a picture of her.

    I’ve tried Facebook and Google but no luck. I think she must have gotten married and I do not know her married name.

    Can you help me?
    Maureen Brady Johnson

  • the saying in bc canada is that gorden campbell when he was pulled over for drinking and driving that there was a woman in the car with him other then his wife, it happend in 2003 i think, can you find out

  • Cindy Pelham

    I am trying to locate any articles regarding an F-4 Phantom that crashed and exploded on take-off at MCAS Kaneohe Bay Hawaii between march 1973 and june 1974. I’m not sure if you can help me or if you could head me in the right direction to locate such an article. I appreciate your help. Thank you! Cindy Pelhaml

  • In the last four to five months I have been attacked,beaten,sent to the hospital and kidnapped by the honolulu police departmen.I would like to air this to the public so that I may get some help or direction with theses situations. thank you in advance for any assitance or help you may be able to give regarding these issues.god bless and maholo.

  • No Help From Police.

    My name is Shalene-Billie Holmes, and I own the house I reside in at 53-940 Kamehameha Hwy, Hauula, 96717.

    On the afternoon of Monday, 08/23/2010, I spoke with the manager of pacific Mopeds, Nick, in regards to obtaining a new red trunk/box for my moped, as mine had a broken lid. Pacific Mopeds is not open for business on Mondays, I told Nick that I would be at the shop first thing Tuesday morning. It was then that I decided that I would go out early Tuesday morning to do some night photography in Honolulu. So, at around 4:30 pm, I covered my moped, armed the alarm, went to my bedroom, set the clock to wake me up at 2 am, and tried to go to sleep. Unfortunately, I tossed and turned until almost 9:30 pm.

    At 2 am, I awoke to the clock music, and didn’t want to get up … however, I finally talked myself into getting up. I turned on my pc … and got ready to leave. I checked my eBay store, then grabbed my moped keys, and my Sony camera ($ 811.86) with the 300 zoom lens … I shutdown the alarm… then I put the camera in the seat storage compartment. That was when I realized that the cover was on the moped. Did I forget to cover it? I never go to bed without covering the moped, and turning on the alarm. Did I forget? I just wasn’t sure. An effect of my bedtime medications. Anyway, I left the keys in the lock for the seat storage, and went in the house to get my other camera and camera bag, wallet, poncho, water bottle, and wallet. I looked where I keep the my keys, they were not there. I had forgotten that I had left them in the bike just minutes before. I looked around my desk, then I thought, maybe they are in the bike … still forgetting that I had just used them. Medications really play with the mind. Anyhoots, I went and checked the bike … no keys! What the heck? I went back into the house and proceeded to tear the place apart looking for my keys. I even checked the apt. NO KEYS. Had I left them somewhere and they were stolen? Did my neighbor behind me find them and decide to play a joke on me? No, they had to be in the house! So, I could take my extra set and still go to Honolulu and get the new box from Nick … but, something told me not to do that… not without finding my keys! So, at 4:45 am, I went outside, covered the moped … it was then that I noticed my helmet in the trunk/box, I could have sworn I left it where I put my feet when riding the moped. That puzzled me, along with the moped being uncovered. Anyhoots, I covered the moped, and went in the house … locked the door … shut-off the lanai light … and called my friend in Missouri. He was very busy at work, so I told him I was not going to Honolulu, as planned … because I couldn’t find my keys. My friend said “ok, I’ll talk to you later then!” Our conversation was not more that three minutes top! I turned off my pc… and then I wondered if I had locked the apt door … I opened the front door, looked down the carport and saw that the apt door was locked … zoomed to the moped … IT WAS GONE … the cover on the ground!

    I could not believe my eyes … it had disappeared in a matter of not more that 5 minutes. I immediately thought that maybe my neighbor was playing a joke. I looked down the highway … both ways … nothing! I looked down my neighbors driveway … AH-HA … the gate was open, the gate is never open! I walked down the driveway, looked around … no bike! Something kept telling me to go towards the elementary school. I got my flashlight, and the extra set of keys. I took the keys around the neighborhood, constantly pushing the alarm button on the key ring … nothing. I decided not to go any further than down Makao … what would I do if I found the bike … get beaten to death?

    At 5:02 am I called 911. It had been 17 minutes since the bike was stolen. I called my friend in Missouri, told him what had happened. His attitude was “What the hell!” Unfortunately, he was busy at work and had to hang-up. He said “I’ll pray for you to get it back!” I said … knock on wood. It was then that I thought I would get it back!

    Two police cars arrived at approximately 5:20 am … both officers were polite. I gave them a photo of the bike, and told them most of the above info. One of the cars left, leaving one officer to help me fill out a report. The policeman was very nice to me, though he was honest and told me he doubted I would ever see my bike again, that the bike was probably already stripped by then. I agreed, but still had hope. Something told me not to give up hope. The policeman left around 6 am. I did not get a copy of a police report, just a reference number. I was told I would be contacted by detectives, because due to the price of the items, this was a Class 2 Felony.

    Once the Officer left, I heard my neighbor retrieving his green trash bin from the highway … so I rushed over to tell him what had happened. He had a rake in his hand. He looked where I usually parked my moped. He then pointed the rake towards the northwest and mumbled something … he’s from Tonga, I seldom ever understand a word that comes out of his mouth. However, it was quite clear that he knew who took my moped, as he rushed down his driveway. I went back in my house, took some Nyquil, half an Elavil, and decided to go back to bed … I had had enough of Tuesday.

    As I was nodding off, I heard someone calling my name. “Oh, God … now I’m hearing voices!” I got up to find Mahey, a friend of my neighbor, at 53-938 Kamehameha Hwy. Folau, the neighbor, had called him and told him to go get my moped and brig it back. Mahey wanted to take me to the moped, because he could not figure out how to start the thing. Mahey drove me to the corner of Hauula Homestead Road and Halai Street. My moped was parked in the empty lot, close to a house … northeast corner. I did not recognized the bike … the trunk was gone … the bar that attached the trunk to the moped was gone. The lighted side mirrors were gone. All of my decals were gone. The license frame was gone. The registration decal was gone. And my camera was gone. However, my house keys, and bike keys were there.

    My cell phone was dead, so I took the bike home, and called the police. In the meantime … Mahey said he would go to the guy and get everything else that the guy took with the moped.

    as soon as I got home, I called the Kahuku Police Dept.! It was now 8:26 am. I was told I had to call 911. I called 911 at 9:28 am. It took some time, but I finally got the woman to agree to send another officer out … I wanted fingerprints taken … plus … too many people knew who took my bike … it was time for the police to do something.

    It took a long time for the Officer to arrive, more than 30 minutes. We talked a long time, about everything except my bike. The Officer was very friendly, and gave me something to show any police officer that might stop me due to the missing items. He told me that finger printing would be a waste of time. And he left.

    Now, I have told this officer that two people know who this jerk is … yet, he seemed uninterested. Even though the two people got the bike back to me … stripped! I feel something should have been done about this!

    Later in the morning … I took a package to the Post Office, and told PJ (Postal Worker) all that had happened. She, in turn, tells me that her house was broken into a couple of days ago, lots of items stolen. And … get this … the crook, got in touch with her and offers to sell her stuff back to her! She says she went to Hauula Homestead Road to buy one item back that had sentimental value to her … and she paid a lot for it. She could not afford to buy the rest of her stuff back. She has not called the police because because it would be a big waste of time, and she would have to go through tons of papers to get the values of each item.

    I feel this person has got to be stopped. I just bought that moped, brand new, last May, with my tax refund. It is my only means of transportation. And the camera, is one of my tools for supporting myself. Totaling everything that was in my bike, as well as the bike itself … I lost over $ 2000.00 worth of stuff. Sure, I have the moped back … but … I can not ride it in the condition it is in, and I do not have the money to replace the items taken. So, the bike is useless to me at this point.

    More importantly, I can not believe that thugs are allowed to keep on stealing and terrorizing the people of Hauula, and it is not taken seriously by anyone in authority. What do we pay all these high taxes for? I mean,its nice that the police are so friendly … but that only goes so far! Someone needs to talk to my neighbor, Folau, and his friend Mahey, and find out who this thief is, and deal with him. I can’t find anything about him other than he is supposedly the cousin of the guy that fixed my flat tire … his name is Travis (aka Turtle). And, Folau’s girlfriend, she owns the house Folau lives in with her, says that when her son came home at 2 am, he saw three guys hanging around the bus stop … which is just down the corner going towards Hauula Homestead Road. I’m afraid to go to bed at night, now. I have to lock my bedroom door!

    Shalene-Billie Holmes

  • I am looking for the list of names concerning IRS tax refunds that never made it to our homes! Can you please help me! I’d like to check on my tax refund! Thank you!!


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