Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Maui’s Ma‘alaea Harbor is the First of 6 Off-Grid Biodiesel Fueling Stations in the State 

Pacific Biodiesel installed the state’s first off-grid fueling station, operated by the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, at Ma‘alaea Small Boat Harbor on Maui.

The fueling station, which uses the locally produced biodiesel from the company’s refinery on Hawaii Island. According to Bob King, Pacific Biodiesel founder, the self-contained off-grid fueling stations are designed to be installed quickly around the state. The Ma‘alaea Small Boat Harbor station is the first of six off-grid stations to service the state for on-road, off-road and marine users.

“This innovative fueling station gives customers 24/7 access to biodiesel, making it more convenient to fuel up with our locally produced, 100% renewable fuel,” King added.

The stations are the result of a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture infrastructure to Pacific Biodiesel to fund the availability of biodiesel in the state. Pacific Biodiesel is one of the nation’s longest-operating biodiesel producers.

Biodiesel, which is created from non-petroleum sources, can be replace conventional petroleum-based diesel without modifications to engines, marine engines or generators and reduces greenhouse gases. Commercial tour operators have been using biodiesel at Ma‘alaea Harbor for years.

“This fuel is a good match for us and featuring it at Ma‘alaea is in keeping with our mission to protect the marine environment and its inhabitants, prevent pollution that affects water quality, and promote appreciation of the marine environment,” Ed Underwood, the DLNR’s Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation administrator, said.

Photo courtesy of DLNR.

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