Monday, April 22, 2024

Hawaiian Airlines and Par Hawaii Seeks to Fly the Greener Skies

Hawaiian Airlines and local energy company Par Hawaii teamed up to explore the possibility of making flying friendlier to the environment.

The study will explore the possibility of replacing some or all of the petroleum-based aviation fuel Hawaiian Airlines uses with fuel that’s made from sustainable feedstock.

According to the EPA, the aviation industry contributed 8 percent of total greenhouse gases. Other air carriers, including Delta Air Lines, are buying sustainable aviation fuel. Even the U.S. Air Force is looking into it with concerns about securing a steady supply of fuel from suppliers that aren’t tied to potentially volatile regions of the world.

Hawaiian Airline’s deal with Parr Hawaii will examine the feasibility of two Kapolei processing units to produce renewable fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel. 

“We’re excited to be partnering with Hawaiian Airlines to innovate and position our business for the future. Aviation fuel represents approximately 40 percent of Hawaii’s fuel demand, and our work with Hawaiian is an important step in addressing these emissions,” William Pate, president and CEO of Par Pacific, said.

“[Sustainable aviation fuel] is an integral part of decarbonizing aviation, and we hope to be able to make joint investments in SAF production here in Hawaii, which will benefit both the environment and our economy,” Peter Ingram, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, added. “We know that it will take more than just our companies to accomplish this ambitious objective, and we look forward to engaging with partners across the community to build a more sustainable future for travel to, from and within the islands.”

“We believe we’re headed in the right direction by collaborating with Hawaiian Airlines to explore the shift from petroleum to biofuels at our Par Hawaii refinery,” said Eric Wright, president of Par Hawaii.

Photo courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines.

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