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Fendi partners with local artists

Touche' by Eli Baxter | Cedar Street GalleriesFendi, an Italian high fashion house with locations in Hawaii, is partnering with local artists as part of the global launch of a “handmade for the future” initiative.

The company has announced two separate and unique design projects with local artists Eli Baxter and Aaron Padilla to kick off its design-focused “Fatto a Mano for the Future” platform in Hawaii.

“Fatto a Mano for the Future” combines old world artisanship and modern day techniques through the collaboration, support and perpetuation of emerging contemporary artists. In the spirit of these core concepts, Fendi’s Roman Craftsman will work intimately with both Baxter (at the Ala Moana boutique on August 12-13) and Padilla (at the Royal Hawaiian boutique on August 14-15) on site at each location to build, cut, assemble, sew, and create contemporary design pieces that fuse each artist’s signature craft with Fendi’s Italian sensibilities and materials.

Baxter’s installations, consisting of recycled bicycle tire rubber and Fendi Selleria leather, explores scientific and philosophical concepts while focusing on raw materials and handcrafted details. Baxter creates spatial experiences through her conical, floral and intricate ‘creature-like’ installations that cleverly mix her modern methods with Italian artisanship.

A self-taught woodworker, Padilla manipulates natural wood segments into woven and knotted sculptures. By constructing and deconstructing these pieces, Padilla organically incorporates Fendi leather to create modern
designs with mixed textures.

Continuing the interactive experience, attendees are offered the opportunity to schedule private appointments with our Roman Craftsman to create, customize and purchase their very own Selleria handbag throughout both events.

In honor of alumni Baxter and Padilla, 20 percent of the event’s proceeds will benefit the University of Hawaii Art Department.

“Fatto a Mano for the Future” in Hawaii is billed as a perpetual conversation between varying creative fields, mixed materials, artist and audience, design and craftsmanship, and the harmony between old world principles and modern day methods.


  • Eli Baxter at FENDI Ala Moana – August 12-13, 11-8 PM
  • Aaron Padilla at FENDI Royal Hawaiian – August 14-15, 12-9 PM


Fendi, the legendary Roman leather goods house founded in 1925, was born with the establishment of the very first handbag and fur workshop in Rome, Italy. Now a part of the LVMH luxury goods portfolio, Fendi is known as one of the world’s most renowned luxury lifestyle brands, FENDI has an international distribution network of 190 boutiques, ranging from clothing, accessories, and fur to furniture and design collections.

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