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Malasadas can fly isle skies

Water bottles, deodorants, and hair gel weren’t the only things travelers had to dump as a result of tighter air travel restrictions. In Hawaii, food items like malasadas, mochi, pastries and pies were also banned from airplanes. Fortunately, state transportation officials have adjusted the rules to account for local customs. When traveling to or returning from a neighbor island for business or pleasure, locals traditionally fly bearing omiyage, or gifts, usually highlighting a specific island’s most treasured food treats: mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen from Hilo, Liliha Bakery cream puffs from Honolulu, or Krispy Kreme donuts from Maui, for example. “At first there were a lot of food products that contained gel items or similar consistency and we were taking those away,” said Honolulu International Airport spokesman Sidney Hayakawa in an interview with KHON. “We have now refined protocols and basically are really concentrating on liquids, gels, and aerosol cans.” Hayakawa told KHON that each airport sets its own rules, so they will vary. Malasadas and cocoa puffs from Leonard’s Bakery will now be allowed through at Honolulu International Airport. Maui travelers can bring mochi aboard, but not ice cream. On the Big Island, some varieties of mochi are still banned, as are jams and jellies. To be safe, travelers are being advised to pack as much omiyage as they can in their checked luggage.

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