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Hawaii's domestic violence 'surge'

Honolulu FOX affilate KHON has noted a “surge” in deaths linked to domestic violence, citing several cases that have made headlines this month. “At least eight women so far this year appear to have been killed in connection with domestic violence,” KHON reports, “most of them within the past few weeks.” Most of the victims have documented histories of abuse and had filed temporary restraining orders. According to the Department of Human Services, women in Hawaii return to their abusers an average 11 times, almost twice as often as on the mainland. The report also notes that temporary restraining orders are violated more than half the time in Hawaii.

In Honolulu, 39-year-old Zenaida Dumaslan was allegedly stabbed to death in her Pearl City apartment by her boyfriend early Saturday morning. Meanwhile, family and friends of 28-year-old Delphine Haina, who was four months pregnant when she fell or was pushed from her boyfriend’s pickup truck in Punalu`u on Friday, say she was trapped in an abusive relationship.

Last week, 20-year-old Janelle Nardin made a frantic 911 call from her car reporting that her ex-boyfriend was chasing her down a Big Island highway. The crash that followed killed her two passengers and left her hospitalized.

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3 thoughts on “Hawaii's domestic violence 'surge'

  • K. Dela Cruz

    I really don’t understand when the hell people is gonna start taking this seriously how much more victims and their Children are gonna have to die before the system does something or enforce the safety of the victims. Domestic violence is not a matter to just brush under the rug or make light of I mean hello “Silence is a BATTERERS best friend” what is our police officers doing or our court system doing to protect these victims.They even make light in the media of these women who died by the hands of thier batterers I surely hope that everyone start listening in how dangerous Domestic violence is and start helping us stand to let our voices be heard so the people who soppose be enforcing the safety of these victims and their children and give them a chance to have a future that they deserve and stop the violence by giving them PROTECTION they need. Let your community know were they can go to get help let your community know how dangerous it is to just keep quiet, please let us stop the violence together cause we can’t do it alone. The more people aware of and the louder noise we make to this increasing murders and abuse will not be tolerated anymore then somehow there will be no way that the justice system can keep ignoring us.

  • newyorkvictom

    You have no idea how much I agree with what you are saying. I have left my abuser a few yrs. back . I have been battleing with him and the court systems all this time.. Everytime we have to go back to court it seems “HE WINS EVERY TIME” and that is no understatement. Example: We just went to court again. He had taken a lighter a put it next to her leg. If she hadnt moved her leg .. he would of burned her. She started crying and got the attention of her sister and yelled at her. I had reproted him and filed for stopping his vists. We got to court and of course when I said I wanted him to have supervised visitations the law guardian, my lawyer, and his lawyer, stated that I was being uuncooperative and said I could loose everything. He is very abusive and is taking it all out on our 2 children , 8 yrs and 10 yrs old. My oldest daughter suffers from PTSD. and has a lot of mental problems because of him. Sometimes I feel like if I have stayed at least I would have some type of control over him not harming my children physically. I at least was able to get a stay a way order. LIke that means anything. He is allowed to come to my house to pick up his children and drop them off. He is also allowed to call my home if he chooses as long as it pertains to the childrend. Now he can call me and scream at me all he wants as long as he mentions the children. Theres nothing I can do about it . NOthing at all. NOw tell me…. Where is my saftey come in? Waht about the satety of my children? Why bother having an order. WHEN HE WANTS TO KILL ME, HE WILL BE THERE AND IT WILL TAKE THE COPS ABOUT 30 MINUTES TO GET TO MY HOUSE. AND THE CHILDREN AND I WILL ALL READY BE IN HARMS WAY. People wonder why victoms go back to there abusers? Well my friends theres one good reason.

  • As a survivor of domestic violence I know how hard it is for women to end an abusive relationship. Even harder when children are involved. We women would like to believe that men can change if they want to. Sometimes it is the women that have to make the change. I’m now pursuing a career in Human Services to one day become a Domestic Violence Counselor/Advocate myself. To let women know there is Survival after abuse. I’m happy to say I am now married to a wonderful and very loving man. Who has helped me raise my four beautiful children for the last six years. I’m here to say if I survive so can you. If you can’t do it for yourself do it for the children you may one day leave behind.


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