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Marine may have shot self to avoid Hawaii duty

A Marine in Minnesota allegedly shot himself last week in order to avoid being shipped to a batallion in Kane`ohe, the Associated Press reported today. Lance Cpl. Adam Welter, 20, had originally told police in Anoka County that he was shot in the left shoulder while trying to help a stranded driver. But police investigators said he admitted the wound was self-inflicted on Monday, the day he would have been sent to join the 3rd Radio Battalion at Marine Corps Base Hawai`i.

“He was extremely remorseful for this and the commotion he caused,” said Anoka County sherrif’s department spokesman Capt. Robert Aldrich. “I don’t think he anticipated it would become as large a story as it did.”

At first, Welter reportedly told police he was shot while trying to help a truck driver stranded on a remote road near his home. But investigators found no blood or other evidence at the scene, and Welter could not describe his attacker.

The Associated Press account notes that Welter allegedly told investigators that he didn’t want to be shipped “overseas.” It is unknown whether his assignment in Hawai`i would have led to deployment elsewhere.

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One thought on “Marine may have shot self to avoid Hawaii duty

  • Delo

    Most people would give anything to visit Hawaii. Here’s this guy shooting himself to stay out of Hawaii. What kinda reasoning is that?


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